Advancing Through the Digital Age

As the semester comes near, it is easy to see how much this digital history has taught me.  Researching tools that I would have never used before are now part of my routine.  Using websites like Wikipedia and historical blogs as a great starting tool has made researching a much easier task.  These websites, though not always factual, can catapult a research into a plethora of information at once disposal.

I also must admit my prior skepticism to archiving websites like twitter and blogs, but now I do feel slightly different about the topic.  Twitter has revolutionized the way people look at news, especially breaking news.  Even though many of the tweets are not important, they do create a timeline of certain events.  Social media is a huge part of society and allows people to communicate with others around the world. Documenting these conversations could be very important for future researchers to document past events. 

There is no denying the abundance of information that is on the web. It most definitely can be overwhelming for a researcher through thousands of documents, but as my digital history class has taught me, narrowing your search to essential piece of information can make your argument clear and precise.  I know keeping up with the rapidly moving digital age will be a difficult task, but will better my abilities to use the web in the future.  Websites and new technologies are produced every day to make life easier for viewers.  For one to keep up to date on these helpful tools will only make their lives easier and make future tasks quite simple.

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