Your Research Matters!

         Teaching through the digital era is not an easy task.  Many old teaching habits are becoming outdated and useless.  Teachers need to update teaching styles that will best prepare students for the real world.   Jeffery W. McClurken’s article, “Learning Through Digital Media Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy” is an amazing response to students and instructors who feel they cannot keep up with the digital age.  Students need to be able to write for a wider audience now a days.  Many projects and assignments that they will have to do in the business world will become public, so being able write to entertain a reader is important. 

            Writing essays for a professor is important, but like McClurken stated, after that paper is handed in and graded, no one will ever read it again.  It seems that all the school work that is done yearly is for no reason.  Being a graduate student, I have realized how important my work is while I attend CCSU.  Two of my classes require my research to be public for a website. This means that my information has to be correct and my writing has to be flawless.  Putting information on websites not only puts your name out there, it also gives a professional feeling to your school work that one usually does not experience. 

            We all know that what we put on the internet can be found by anyone, including possible future employers.  This can be used to ones benefit because if one spends the proper time and research to create something they are proud of, then it could make them a possible candidate for a job.  Writing for the general public is a difficult technique to get used to, but will be beneficial for students.  Arguments that the internet is flooded with too much information can be well backed, but this should not deter possible writers who want their research to be public.  Who knows, maybe someone important will come upon your writing and recommend you for a position.

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