A Collection of Collections: Omeka bringing together Museum, Library, and Scholarly Collections

               Omeka is an easy and user friendly way for people to create a webpage that connects scholarly, library, and museum collections.  It has a massive array of digital collections and each showcase is dedicated to a specific time, event, person, or place.  It is extremely helpful for researchers if they have a topic with possible limited primary resources because the sites have helpful digital collections that could be useful. One website that I felt best portrayed this usefulness was the James Monroe Papers showcase.  It is a very simple website and is extremely easy for one to explore and find a letter that they might need.  This website has a limited amount of information, but still informative and straight to the point. There are several letters, maps, and a timeline that all portray James Monroe’s life and his accomplishments.

                To show how different each website can be I also viewed Elvis at 21 which has several photos of Elvis Presley at the age of twenty one. This website is more focused on an Elvis enthusiast and who would want to see photographs of him in his prime. Each photo has a small description of what is occurring in the photo and paints a better picture for the viewer.  With Omeka, these amazing collections are retrievable from the comfort of ones home. 

                These two websites are completely opposite of each other, but no one is better than another.  Omeka allows for the creation of any digital collection which will bring viewers from all across the world.  Even though one person may think a website of Elvis photos is pointless, to some, these photos are priceless and create a great collection of the iconic musician.  Omeka allows for a plethora of information to be documented and shared with millions.  Omeka has created thousands of digital museums that are free to visit and extremely informative.

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One thought on “A Collection of Collections: Omeka bringing together Museum, Library, and Scholarly Collections

  1. I think I agree with you that neither of these websites are substantially better than the other. The Elvis site is relatively well-designed but I would guess the sources have fewer historical applications. On the other hand, I thought the James Monroe site was pretty flat. It would be helpful if you were doing research but I decided not to even browse their collections because the site was so poorly designed.

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