The Overabundence of Information on the Web

There will always be a debate between the usefulness of digital history and historical discussions on less scholarly websites like blogs.  There is an excessive amount of information on the web which creates a strenuous process of weeding out the inadequate material.  Many scholars argue that this big data problem creates uneducated scholars and also dilutes certain scholarly fields.  I personally feel that it takes a properly educated researcher to weed out the rubbish that is present in Google searches and use quality sources to articulate an argument.  One should not solely relay on a search engine to retrieve all their research.  Someone who is properly trained to research can use certain website as a foundation to solidify their argument. An example of this is the use of Wikipedia or blog sites to create an argument.  If these websites have justifiable evidence then a researcher can use the sources cited for their argument.  One who is uneducated in a certain field may not know what a scholarly source is, but can easily find out by digging a little deeper into the authors background. 

                There is no doubt that there is an enormous amount of information in digital form and one does not have to read book after book to become well educated in a topic.  Some scholars may feel this is by passing their strenuous path to becoming an expert in the field, but it nearly is using our technological advancements to improve how we learn.  This can be seen in ever field and is seen as an improvement in almost every scenario.  The accounting field has been revolutionized by the creation of Microsoft Excel and it easy to use format.  It has made a painful day of number crunching into a much simpler process, which takes away much of the risk of human error.  This does mean that some accountants are not working nearly as hard as an accountant did several years ago, but we cannot discredit them as an accountant. 

                My argument is not to accept every historical blog or Wikipost as an educated poster, but to nearly see the change in tide, when looking at research.  It is much easier for someone to self-educate themselves if they are driven to do so.  This should be look at as an accomplishment of the future.  There will always be an abundance of information on the internet and it all should be taken into context.  There are some justifiable sites and there are others that are quite useless, but together, they all help to create the historiography of internet.

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