The Flood of Information on the Internet

                    The floodgates have opened in recent years to compile as much information on the web as possible.  Websites like Google are trying to surpass all the competition to hold as much information as possible so they are the superior researching site.  The creation of Google Books is just another step by Google to help researchers find information that once was very difficult to get a hold of. Personally, Google Books has made my life much less stressful.  Just this past week I needed to find a book for class and only had two weeks to read the book and write an essay on it.  This was not going to be possible if I had to wait 5 to 7 days for the book to be delivered by Amazon.  Luckily the book I needed for my essay was published years ago and was made into an Ebook by Google.  This was extremely beneficial and was also easier to read than the terribly copied pdf files of the book by the National Archive. 

                When looking at recent attempts to capture digital history, I feel our society as a whole has done a miraculous job.  With events like September 11th and the Iraq War, many databases have saved vital information that would have been lost if not saved by these archives.  Information is constantly being put up on the web and it is very difficult to decide what information is vital, but so far I feel a majority of the important information has been saved for future generations.

                The next question to address is as a society, where do we go from here?  With an overabundance of information already on the internet, should there be websites documenting every little detail.  Personally, I feel this is obsolete and information from many sites should eventually disappear.  I also feel that the recent attempt to save all tweets is an effort that will require too much time and money and should not be considered as vital as some archives believe the information is. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and other social media websites are relevant today, but a majority of the information posted is obsolete and just cluttering the cyber world. 

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