The Amazing uses of Digital Archiving

Digital archives have revolutionized researching for millions and have given researchers the ability to look up extremely old artifacts in the comfort of their home.  The accessibility of these websites has made primary resources much easier to use and allows professors and students to back up their argument with legitimate primary sources.  Many of these sources have been in museums or library archives and could only be viewed if a researcher traveled to their location.  Now with digital archives, there is no need to travel everywhere.

An amazing example of a user friendly digital archive website is This amazing website makes researching primary sources extremely easy and even helps cut down research time by having an advanced search tool.  This tool allows the researcher to narrow the search to a topic, keyword, author, or even recipient. If one was going to look through an archive of a specific person they would have to read every piece of paper to find if it is useful for their paper.  This is not needed with War Department Papers website because every artifact has a small description that informs the reader what the artifact has to offer.

There can be some problems with digital archiving, like false information being put up, but this is the case for almost anything and it should not stop people from using digital archives.  I know from personal experiences with archives, looking at documents can be extremely stressful and problematic.  Archives usually have a limited period of time being open and many rules and stipulations come with looking at archives.  Worst of all, a researcher could look at a libraries archive for hours and find no useful information during that time.  The process is very time consuming and makes primary resources nearly impossible to find.

Digital archives are popping up every day and updated with new information all the time.  With a majority of these websites being free, the educational resources are making students and professors write amazing papers with great primary sources.

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