Making Websites Informative and also Entertaining

In this day in age, websites have to keep up with the ongoing demand for easily accessible information that is also entertaining.  Websites that are too wordy and very dull are easily looked past and seem not as professional as websites that put much more time and effort in making their website appealing.  This can also lead to many problems because the more educational websites could be getting looked over and the less informative and possible false websites are the more visited ones.  To see if this theory held true, I personally looked at two historical websites and compared them to each other. 

The first website was Historical Voices,, which has a collection of websites on historical sound bites for an interested viewer to have access to them whenever needed.  It is an online database to make searching for a specific topic much easier for a researcher. A few problems with the website are that it is not very appealing to the eyes.  Nothing pulls a reader in and the website is very wordy.  The gallery of websites has a nice description of each database, but there are only seven and once the reader clicks on the link, they have to start their search again.

As for my second website, it seems to be much more user friendly and has many easy search tools.  This website is The Lost Museum Archive,, and right from the beginning the website grabs the reader.  It has a very nice and easy layout and has interactive links that keep the reader amused.  The only problem with the website is that there could be confusion on what the topic of the website exactly is.  There is no information about the lost museum on the front page and most of the information that is connected to the museum is through video.

Both these websites have information that can be extremely useful for a researcher, student, or just a curious reader, but could use some fixing up to become very useful webpages.  If the two websites were meshed into one website platform, it would create a very informative, user friendly website that could successful get their message across.


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