Can Blogging Really Become an Educational Tool?

Blogging can spur a heated intellectual debate that could educate readers about many political biases and also compare historical events to present day issues.  Blogging allows writers to develop a view point and see how others respond to their thoughts.  To say that blogging could be a crucial way for professors to educate their students on history could be seen as a stretch.  I feel that Dan Cohen, “Professors, Start Your Blogs” brings up many quality advantages of blogging history, but there is too many useless and uninformed blogs to truly make blogging an educational tool.  I do feel that this idea that professors should blog could spur a new type of website that would solely deal with educated debates and historical events.  It could involve students, professors, employees, and employers and would make blogging more than “the realm of self-involved, insecure, oversexed teens and twentysomethings” as Dan Cohen put it.  Blogging has the ability to revolutionize how we view news stories and politics, but at this current moment the blogging world is flooded with too much nonsense.  Even the word blogging has a negative stereotype attached to it.  Professors refuse to allow students to cite from blogs because of the unreliability.  If there was a way to make a blogging site more sophisticated and factual, then I feel Dan Cohen is on to a revolutionary idea, but for now it is just too hard for the common reader to find a trustworthy blog.

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